The Secret Killer of Growth: Lack of Focus

How a lack of focus is holding your business back

Daphne Tideman


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Adapted Chapter from Growing Happy Clients: Our processes & experiences for growing fortune 500 corporates & the fastest growing scaleups (Available on Amazon).

A Lack of Focus

Does this sound familiar to you? Your client or boss asks:

“Can we have A to J done, and also by tomorrow?”

“Could you do this one little extra task before the end of the week?”

Only for it to turn out to be a pretty complicated adjustment, to say the least.

Queen said it best with the lyrics: “I want it all, I want it now”. Many people struggle with what the priority is and what they want to focus on.

They may even say “but we only have three focus points”. But what if those focus points are broad, to say the least?

Don’t get me wrong; I know bosses and clients aren’t doing this on purpose. When you have this problem, it’s most likely because the other person also gets pulled in a hundred directions. Or they could be super excited, the all famous “shiny object syndrome”, excited by every new idea and opportunity.

It is so hard to keep focus but it is even harder to grow with a scattered focus is risky. Growing a company is hard enough without trying to do fifty different things at the same time.

Let’s cover some more of the risks of a scattered focus. From there we can walk through some potential solutions to get rid of scattered focus once and for all.

The risks of scattered focus

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Imagine you are throwing darts at a dartboard. You could throw one at the first target and then move on to the next. Throwing one dart each time and hoping to eventually hit all five bullseyes. Each time you have to recalibrate, which costs time and energy. This takes so much longer than focusing on each dartboard one by one and learning from the last throw. It is the same with focus, switching or scattered focus impacts…



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