A 5-step system to writing every month as a growth hacker

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I’ve been getting the question more and more often:

How do I find the time to write?

If I were to summarise growth hackers in one word (other than data), it would be busy. Growth is a broad area, you can always aim for more growth, and there is so much to learn.

So how do you find the time to write when your day job is crazy? I really wish it came down to the fact that I am an absolute badass or that I had some miracle tips to share.

I don’t.

What I do have is the…

Life Improvement

Managing to finally focus despite my ADHD

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Well, that explains a lot…

At 26 years old, I found out I had ADHD. So many things suddenly clicked into place, such as,

  • Why I change topics every other sentence, so no one ever had any idea what I’m talking about
  • Why I never look at what I am doing and just end up making an absolute mess by spilling whatever I am carrying
  • Why I always have 60 tabs open at the same time resulting in me restarting my laptop rather than trying to close them all
  • Why concentrating is so fricking hard

The last one really gets to me. I want to…

Heights growth in customers and MRR over the last 1.5 years

Every day I think about growth. But probably not the kind of growth you’d expect. I’m the Head of Growth at Heights, so every working moment is spent thinking and analysing what drives growth. What leads a company to succeed and another to fail? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as that clearly comes with the title.

But I’m not necessarily thinking about the newest channel or the next big thing. That has never been my style.

Instead, I can’t help but think about more permanent cogs of our growth machine that will lead to success: what principles will make…

You are setting your brand up for failure if you measure it based on conversions

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An adapted chapter from Growing Happy Clients.

Branding vs conversions

When people talk about growth, it is often too quickly equated to marketing. It’s the result of the way we’ve been explaining growth hacking and who hires the growth hacker within the organisation.

So growth gets lumped together with marketing, squeezed in between the brand team and awareness campaign. As they say, you need to work with what you have.

You start focusing on growth which for you probably means bringing new customers and conversions.

So why is all that budget going to branding?

What is that bringing in?

Before you start kicking…

How a lack of focus is holding your business back

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Adapted Chapter from Growing Happy Clients: Our processes & experiences for growing fortune 500 corporates & the fastest growing scaleups (Available on Amazon).

A Lack of Focus

Does this sound familiar to you? Your client or boss asks:

“Can we have A to J done, and also by tomorrow?”

“Could you do this one little extra task before the end of the week?”

Only for it to turn out to be a pretty complicated adjustment, to say the least.

Queen said it best with the lyrics: “I want it all, I want it now”. …

And are you suffering from it?

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Adapted chapter from Growing Happy Clients. Growing Happy Clients focuses on growth consultants but many of the lessons are applicable for growth hackers within a company so the chapter has been adjusted to speak to both.

The struggle… just one browser notification

You’ve finally got your client or team so far: ready to test browser notifications. You’ve been gathering opt-ins for the last few weeks, and now it’s time to run a test, the first automated notification to reduce checkout drop-off. Now all you need is approval to go live.

So you send it over to your contact person or colleague, Ashley, for a quick check…

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We are constantly hoping and attempting to be right. It comes so much more naturally than doubting what we believe constantly. What if there is another way though? To not be afraid of being wrong, yet being confident in your beliefs.

Why we Usually try to Prove Ourselves Right

Many of us suffer unknowingly and unwillingly of a little cognitive bias called the Confirmation Bias.

It’s defined as follows:

“[A] bias that results from the tendency to process and analyze information in such a way that it supports one’s pre-existing ideas and convictions.” Source:

When analyzing data to prove or disprove a theory we tend to put…

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For me 2019 has flown by, do you feel the same? It has also been a very strange year overall.

It was the first full year without my dad. That made it a tough year. To top it off, three months in I got injured training for a half marathon to raise money for heart disease. Which turned out to be a result of a previous injury that wasn’t fully healed (falling off a climbing wall last year). That meant three months into the year my usual outlet of running was no longer an option. Not the smoothest start.


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How it all started…

I’ve always been a morning person and an absolutely useless evening person. I’m not kidding It is extreme. To the point where the other day I fell asleep at 8:30 PM on a Friday. Who does that after the age of eight?!

Yet, despite reading it a few hundred times:

  • “Wake up an hour early.”
  • “High performers get up at 5 AM.”
  • “Start your day working on your biggest goal.”

I was not convinced. I woke up early enough as it was thank you very much.

Then the suggestion came from the last person I ever expected to want to…

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“What Course Should I Follow?”

I often get asked the question above by starting growth hackers or marketers.

I fully understand the question: you are getting started and you just want to figure out how to take that next step. However, my answer to that question is constantly changing; what was the most relevant course a year ago could be long outdated by now. I fear that by just naming a course and sending that eager student on their way I would be doing them a huge injustice.

Thus, I can’t help but wonder, shouldn’t the question instead be:

What is your system for personal…

Daphne Tideman

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