A simple template to start building your backlog and run your growth sprints

No one’s favourite part is the documentation and structuring of your growth experiments, but it is crucial to growth. I used to preach Excel, Excel, Excel for managing your backlog and running experiments (well, more Google Sheets, Google Sheets, Google Sheets, but that doesn’t roll easily off the tongue).


Our two secrets to massively improving our conversion rate in 7 months

Over the last seven months at Heights, we have doubled down on our conversion rate, vastly bringing down our cost of acquisition and improving our product's sales, a brain supplement, the Smart Supplement.

Huge credits for this go…

A Step by Step Guide to Finding Product-Market Fit

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

You have such an excellent concept/product/service, so why is there no Product-Market Fit (PMF)? Where did it all go wrong in your growth journey? …

A Step by Step Guide to Finding Product-Market Fit

Do you feel like growth is more challenging than it should be? That you are working so hard but not seeing the fruits of your labour? If you answered yes, then let me ask you then another question:

Do you have product-market fit?

Product-Market Fit is defined as 40% of…

Time to face the fear and admit the power it holds

If Something is Scary to Talk About

The other day my sister, Fleurine, sent me an article that she wrote. It hit me in an expected way, the title was:

If Something Is Scary to Talk About, It’s Important That You Do

As someone who battles with imposter syndrome I rarely talk about it, I still find…

How to set your metrics up to drive growth

Stars shine brightly in the sky.

Too often, I still see businesses that haven’t determined what the right overarching metric should be or, worse, use revenue as their key guiding North Star Metric.

But before I start on a rampage against revenue, here is why you can’t be without a North Star Metric.

Navigating With a Map

Imagine that you…


Creating values that allow you to ‘grow for it’.

I’ve always loved the idea of company values. The notion of the whole team sharing the same core beliefs sounds incredible to me, and this is coming from someone who has not often (read: never) been described as a softie.

Utterly Failing to Setup Values

Yet, as with many theories, the reality is so different.


A 5-step system to writing every month as a growth hacker

I’ve been getting the question more and more often:

How do I find the time to write?

If I were to summarise growth hackers in one word (other than data), it would be busy. …

Life Improvement

Managing to finally focus despite my ADHD

Well, that explains a lot…

At 26 years old, I found out I had ADHD. So many things suddenly clicked into place, such as,

  • Why I change topics every other sentence, so no one ever had any idea what I’m talking about
  • Why I never look at what I am doing and just end up…

Every day I think about growth. But probably not the kind of growth you’d expect. I’m the Head of Growth at Heights, so every working moment is spent thinking and analysing what drives growth. What leads a company to succeed and another to fail? …

Daphne Tideman

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